PREZZO case study


You try dressing over 400 people a day!

Prezzo has links with the children's charity Fight for Life; some of the profits raised by selling select dishes from the Prezzo menu are donated to the charity.

Prezzo (which means ‘price’ in Italian) is a chain of Italian restaurants in the UK. The first restaurant opened on New Oxford Street, London in November 2000. There are now 150 branches all over our great land and we’ve been helping them for over 10 years now.

Us smart folk at Product Network help them with their uniforms. Each store can order uniforms for guys and gals in all sizes from small all they way to extra large using an on-line inventory system. We then ship off the orders to the relevant store and KAPOOOW you just got yourself a new smart uniform.

We also help out with other staff support materials but they’ve not yet asked us for a pizza recipe!

ESPN love football so we were delighted to help them with an original idea! ... Oh sorry, you mean soccer!