If you can think of it we can make it!

Think of us as the superheroes of promotional merchandise. We save the day.

Concept design & development

Not got any ideas? No problem we’ve got shed loads of ’em! Give us a brief and we’ll come up with something and if not there’s always candy!

Bespoke product development

We love a challenge, there’s nothing like developing something new. We have contacts in places that we can’t talk about which means we can get bespoke. We’ll make it ourselves if we have to out of disused mouse mats.

Branded merchandise

We’ve put logos on all sorts. Laser etch, emboss, de-emboss, blind emboss, digital printing, litho printing, screen printing there’s loads of ways we can brand you.

Branded clothing & uniforms

More than just T-shirt printing. We offer branded uniform, order and distribution for your business. The kind of thing we do for PREZZO.

Ecommerce solutions

We have an army of geeks, that can build all sorts of great on-line solutions for you. We’ve developed b2b platforms, complex customer focused software, just ask us for a demo!

Distribution & fulfilment

We’ve got a warehouse where we can store, organise and then ship off. If you need multiple deliveries of multiple products at different times we’ll use our magic deliver-o-matic machine which is guaranteed to get the job done.